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  1. Background of MOJRAR


This Ministry was originally established with Law # 1 of 16/8/1998 on the establishment of Ministries of the Puntland State and designated with the name of Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs. However, after nearly two years from the above date the name of the Ministry was changed into Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs. Again, sometime in mid-2005, it was renamed Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs.

MOJ with recognition of that fundamental rights and freedoms cannot be enjoyed in isolation; MOJ has to contribute to the programs of social intervention aimed at alleviating poverty and improving the socio-economic well being of our citizens and their quality of life.

MOJ should establish effective mechanisms that the Government has adopted to protect citizens against the abuse of their basic freedoms and fundamental human rights in any form especially the vulnerable social groups.

The MOJ should be stand for the government of Puntland to be remained to be committed to ensuring that it conforms to both the spirit and letter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and will continue to work with human rights organizations and individuals to raise awareness and ensure that the protection of human rights in Puntland is guaranteed.

MOJ must take all the required steps to ensure transparency and effectiveness in the justice system, court proceedings and investigation processes.



The purpose


  • The review and structure of MOJ for the improvement of the work performance, the departments and units, cooperation in a well operating and their joint and well coordinated manner of MOJ


  • All the staff to be familiar with the specific responsibilities and expected outcomes of their departments, units and their job description for the effective contribution to the completion of the social judiciary services by the MOJ


  • Head of departments, units and staff and to clearly understand, be aware of and familiarize themselves for the national mandate, vision, mission, the targets and their role in the fulfillment of the major functions of the ministry


  • Improve the effectual information sharing and cooperation between the staff and heads of the departments and units intended for their best way to be activated in a joint and well coordinated manner to fulfill the common goals of MOJ


  • Strengthening the reporting and supervision lines through staff’s understanding of the organizational structure of the MoJ, particularly in the area of the internal and working together relations among Departments, service units and staff;


  • To get input and share the experience within the MOJ staff in the areas of :


  1. The development and the implementation of the long term strategy plan, annual work plan and departmental plans of MOJ,


  1. The training needs assessment for the upgrade of professional knowledge and skills for the judiciary, Custody corps and MOJ staff members ,


  • The designing of appropriate training manuals and development of Human resource policies in support of the empowering the MOJ staff, local legal professionals, especially judges and court personnel,


  1. Establishment of technical units under the departments of MOJ with the development of their specific responsibilities and expected outcomes for the effective completion of the social judiciary services by the MOJ

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