Office of Director General

Office of Director General


The following are the functions of the Office of the Director General.


  • Coordinating the preparation and implementation of the five (5) year strategic plan and budget for the Ministry.
  • Regulating Haj and Awqaf in Puntland state.
  • Developing programs required by the Islamic da’wa, mosques, Islamic education centres and vulnerable people.
  • Ensuring that Puntland people get justice specially the vulnerable groups such as women, children, minorities and IDPs.
  • Overseeing the correction centres in Puntland to ensure that convicted people get their rights while in prisons or correction centres.
  • Supervising and mentoring of the jails on how to deal with the prison inmates.
  • Enforcing the alternative dispute solutions (ADR) in all the communities including the traditional norms and conflict resolutions.
  • Developing the requirement and standards required from the Public notaries and ensuring the application of those standard
  • Formulating and reviewing the policies and laws
  • Overseeing and monitoring justice for the implementation of laws
  • Overseeing the regional office that coordinates and manage the operations of the Ministry in the regions of Puntland
  • Coordinating the preparation and implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system and tools for the Ministry
  • Ensuring proper management of public relations and communication for enhancing the Ministry’s image and performance locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Coordinating the preparation and implementation of capacity development for all staff based on the needs assessment and in-line with Puntland Civil Service Commission (PCSC) guidelines and requirements.
  • Coordinating internal and external audit for the Ministry and ensuring proper response to and implementation of management issues arising from the audits for enhancing transparency and accountability
  • Coordinating the preparation of annual financial estimates in consultation with the heads of departments
  • Coordinating the preparation and implementation of finance, procurement, administration and human resources policies and procedures
  • Providing advice on institutional, legal and regulatory framework within the Ministry


The following are the functions of the Internal Audit, Public Relations and Communication and Legal Affairs that are directly linked to the office of the Director General: –



 2 Internal Audit Unit

·         Preparing and implementing strategic audit plans

·         Developing audit policies and procedures to facilitate compliance with relevant standards

·         Designing and institutionalizing internal audit systems and controls

·         Reviewing and reporting on conformity with financial and operational procedures laid down in any legislation or any regulations or instructions for control over the expenditure of Ministry

·         Reviewing and reporting on internal controls over financial resources of Ministry

·         Reviewing and reporting on the reliability and integrity of financial and operations systems

·         Reviewing and reporting on operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals

·         Reviewing and reporting on the systems in place used to safeguard assets, and verify existence of assets

·         Reviewing and reporting on the classification and allocation of revenue and expenditure accounts

·         Undertaking the internal audit in collaboration with heads of departments preparation of internal audit reports

·         Reviewing and reporting on the reactions by the management to internal audit reports and assist management in the implementation of recommendations

·         Reviewing and reporting on the adequacy of controls built into computerized systems in place in Ministry

·         Conducting performance audits on appraisal of development projects.

·         Preparation and implementation of annual work plans in collaboration with section heads

·         Preparation of quarterly and annual audit reports


3 Public Relations and Communication Unit

·         Providing information and documents to the public and media on the Ministry activities

·         Making transparent the works and activities of the Ministry both to the public as well as local and international institutions

·         Collecting, processing and publishing information on works and activities of the Ministry

·         Supervising and maintaining official webpage of the Ministry

·         Preparing materials and brochures for publication and distribution to inform the public on the activity of the Ministry

·         Participating in direct meetings of the Minister and high delegations within and outside the country in order to provide accurate information to the public

·         Drafting the communication strategy annually based on the Ministry work plan

·         Cooperating with the media in organizing press conferences and interviews as well as providing information and drafts summaries out of media presentation

·         Issuing statements, announcements, reports and other publications to public opinion.

4 Legal Affairs ·         Formulate and implement legal policies and strategies for effective discharge of the functions of the unit

·         Ensure compliance with principles and values of good governance, human rights, transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity

·         Advise the Ministry on all legal matters and ensure that its protected against any law suits as it performs its activities in accordance with the mandate

·         Oversee litigation from public servants and ensure compliance with the constitution as per the mandate of the Ministry

·         Review statutory reports to ensure that the activities of Ministry are in line with the its objectives

·         Initiate policy research, formulation, development and reform to ensure that the Ministry promotes the values and principles of the Ministry in accordance with the law and in accordance with its mandate

·         Coordinate the preparation of legal opinions and briefs on various legal matters

·         Ensure that the Ministry is in compliance with regional and international instruments as it conducts its activities

·         Develop proposals for reform on emerging legal issues and ensure compliance with the strategic goals of the Ministry

·         Prepare cabinet memoranda for presentation to parliament and ensure its in accordance with the constitution and law

·         Preparation of regular, monthly, quarterly and annual legal reports

5 Regional Coordination Office ·         Permanent coordination of work of the regional offices

·         Determine regional offices work

·         Receive monthly and program reports of regional offices

·         Perform regular financial reporting

·         Supervise work and activities at the regional offices

·         Coordinate human resources at the regional offices

·         Assisting the Director General in management of the global regional functions