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MOJRAR Minister Mr. Awil Sh. Hamid Nominates Fact-finding Committee on Prisoners in Puntland Penitentiaries

Puntland Minister of MOJRAR Mr. Awil Sh.Hamid have today nominated a committee whose major responsibility will be fact-finding and data collection from the prisoners in Puntland jails and penitentiaries.  The member of the committee come from MOJRAR, Courts, PuntlandCustodial Corps, UNSOM and UNODC.

The committee’s main duty will be to conduct a full study and generate report the overall situation and circumstances of prisoners in Puntland prisons. The committee will also report on the whether all the prisoners are given their constitutional rights. The committee will also strive to get hold of information relating to any prisoners held in custody without conviction, or the existence of prisoners who are still in custody while their jail term have ended.

The minister of MOJRAR Mr. Hamid have promised that they will honor the result and will work on the correction of any problems in the prison system and they will strive to improve the overall prison system based on the findings of the committee and their recommendations.

He reiterated that MOJRAR is willing and committed to conduct constructive reform and improvement in Puntlandcorrection facilities.