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MOJRAR holds in Garowe consultative meeting for setting strategies for Stakeholders

MOJRAR has held its third consultative meeting for setting agendas and plans for the justice stakeholders which operate in Puntland.

The meeting convened at the conference hall of MOJRARA headquarters in Garowe. Attending the meeting was stakeholders in the justice system of Puntland including the office of Puntland Attorney General, Custodial corps, bar association, Puntland women lawyers iyo legal aid centers which operate in Puntland.

The introductory remarks was given by deputy minister at MOJRAR Dr. Mohamed Ali Farah iyo interim Director General at MOJRAR Mr. Ismail Hajji Abdi. The purpose of the meeting was, to discuss the current needs and challenges facing the justice system and prioritizing they key plans.

During the meeting, each stakeholder have presented its needs and its vision toward the strategies of the upcoming five years.

After long discussion, a new strategy for the coming five year was adopted for the following five years and upcoming meeting schedules and objectives were discussed and completion of previously uncompleted projects and activities.

Dr. Mohamed thanked all the participants and have reiterated the intent and determination of MOJRAR in improving the justice system in Puntland and he encouraged all participant in striving for increase the competency and effectiveness of their services to make sure a viable justice system.