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Ministry of justice religious affairs and rehabilitation has held meeting with justice stakeholders for the third time in an effort to enhance and strength justice sector.

The meeting was attended by: The Ministry Of Justice Religious Affairs And Constitution, High Court, military court, Attorney General Office, international and local organizations like; UNFPA,  PSU LEGAL AID, , EUCAP, CUSTODIAL CORPS,UNICEF, SAVE THE CHILDREN ,WORLD-VISION, KAALO,UNHRC, NCA, UN WOMEN, UNODC ,UNFPA,IDLO.

The agenda was information sharing, the participants presented what they have done. The meeting also focused on previous meeting decisions.

The participants agreed the following;

  • Remand Prisoners Task Force Committee should bring a full report on remand prisoners status in Puntland in the next meeting
  • Ministry of justice religious affairs and rehabilitation to continue advocating prisoners who was convicted piracy cases and extradited to Somalia in order to get justice.
  • Committee whose task is to give training to justice sectors should come together and discuss the type of training that justice sector needs.
  • The ministry should invite next meeting the following; Ministry Of Health, Ministry Of Women, Ministry Of Education And Office Of Human Rights Defender.
  • To appoint a committee to give advise on how to help and give legal aid to those who can’t afford court fees.

To appoint a committee to give advice on the possibility of conducting research on rape cases and

The participant have agreed to maintain this meeting and promised active participation, and everyone to fulfill his responsibilities.

The deputy minister Dr Mohammed Ali Farh closed the meeting by thanking the participants for their work and commitment and urged them to maintain.