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Envoy from Human Rights Office of UNSOM meets with Puntland MOJRAR leadership

Envoy from Human Right Office of UNSOM have today paid an official visit to the headquarters of MOJRAR. The envoy met with the minister Mr. Awil Sh. Hamid; Deputy Minister Dr. Mohamed Ali Farah; and interim director general Mr. Ismail Hajji Abdi. Also present in the meeting were the head of the different department and consultants to the ministry.

The agenda of the meeting was to create a climate of cooperation and understanding between the UNSOM Office of Human Rights and MOJRAR.and ways of working together to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights and the improvement of the overall justice system in Puntland.

In the conclusion of the meeting, both sides have agreed upon and encouraged each other in the improvement the increasing access to justice and conducting projects related to justice.

The leadership of the ministry have appraised the visit and conversation to UNSOM and in their turn delegates from UNSOM have appreciated the warm welcoming and reception of the MOJRAR into its headquarters.